Advisories for Ruby&Perl

Ruby Heap Overflow Vulnerability,CVE-2016-2339
Ruby pack_pack Use After Free Vulnerability,CVE-2016-2338
Ruby Psych::Emitter start_document Heap Overflow Vulnerability,CVE-2016-2338
Ruby TclTkIp ip_cancel_eval Type Confusion Vulnerabilities,CVE-2016-2337
Ruby WIN32OLE ole_invoke and ole_query_interface Type Confusion Vulnerabilities,CVE-2016-2336
Ruby TkUtil class multiple vulnerabilities – Type Confusion and Use After Free, –
Ruby Array.repeated_permutation “rb_ary_repeated_permutation” IO, *burned*
Ruby ary_double_capa write out of bounds,*burned*
Ruby Array.permutation “rb_ary_permutation” IO,*burned*
Perl pp_flop (range operator) buffer overflow vulnerabilities, *burned*
Perl CPAN Math-BigInt-FastCall module multiple type confusion vulnerabilities,-
Perl CPAN::Encode module multiple type confusion vulnerabilities,-

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